Thursday, May 29, 2008


Aubrie made her first trip to New York City this past Saturday. We took the train into the city, which she loved. We then took the subway around the city with our friends from Buffalo, who were there for the whole weekend.
We had lunch in Little Italy.

Meeting Tinkerbell and Snow White at the World of Disney Store.

Aubrie once again proved that she can sleep anywhere. She passed out after a very long day on the train home.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Congratulations to Justin and Jessica on their wedding this past Saturday. Everything was beautiful!

Aubrie loved being the flower girl, but I think she enjoyed the bubbles after the ceremony more than the mass.

But after a very long day, staying awake until the end of the reception was just too much. She can sleep through anything, including a very lively group dancing the night away.

We spent Sunday in Plymouth, MA visiting the Mayflower II, a reconstruction of the original boat that the pilgrims crossed the Atlantic on. Aubrie really wanted to go on the boat until we got inside, at which point she decided it was too dark and scary and she wanted to get off.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Weekend update

Aubrie at the Tulip Festival at Washington Park in Albany on Saturday.
On another note, we have still not picked a name, but thanks for the suggestions that are coming in. I found a really cool website that lists the top ten girl & boy names by hospital for last year. It is interesting to see what the popular names are in your area as opposed to the top 10 from across the country.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Name Game

The most common question people ask regarding the baby is if we have picked out a name yet. With Aubrie we had her first and middle name picked out months in advance and let everyone know the initials so they could start guessing names. With this baby, we cannot seem to pick out any names. I think that is partly due to the fact that Aubrie had me convinced it was a girl, so I had a girl name ready to go. We can also throw the fact that there are SEVEN babies of family, friends and co-workers due within the next three months, not to mention Babies Ella and Natalie who recently arrived. We don't want to pick out a name and have a friend or relative use the same thing. But for those of you who are curious, the front runners are A, O & T. Aubrie suggests that we call him Baby Boy.