Sunday, July 27, 2008

Busy Weekend

What a busy weekend...but I am sure that they will all be busy right up until the baby gets here. As mentioned before, we finished the second closet in our bedroom and added a new ceiling fan. We (Daryl-my role is as supervisor!) also finished the installing and grouting the ceramic tile in the kitchen as well as adding electric to the island. A few other random small projects also were finished, but the more we get done, the more it seems we have to do!
Aubrie transplanted her pumpkins that she is growing from their pots to her garden yesterday. Unfortunately we had a major downpour this afternoon, so we are not sure how many actually will survive. Aubrie does not know this as she is in Buffalo for the week with Grammy Lynda. I am not sure what I am going to do with myself all week, but sleep seems pretty high on my priority list.
And Congratulations to my cousin Sami and her husband Zach on the birth of their daughter, Annalise Camryn, last week. That makes SEVEN new babies born to friends and family in the last 4 months...only 3 left to go, all due within the next three weeks.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


We now have a second closet in our bed room, which means that the baby now has his own closet! Yay! All that is left to do is paint the doors and put on the door knobs, but they are both functioning and full of clothes. We also added a new ceiling fan to our bed room, so all that is left to do in there is put up the crown molding.

Aubrie was obviously very interested in the process of building a new closet.

With only 18 days left to go until the baby gets here, it is good to get a few more things knocked off the checklist of house projects. This weekends projects include finishing tiling the kitchen floor, putting some shelves in a few kitchen cabinets, and a few other random projects.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

35 Days...

...and counting. My c-section has been scheduled for August 14 at 8 am. Although I am at 33.5 weeks, the baby is measuring a bit big (~35 weeks), so he may show up before then. We have a lot to get done in just a few weeks, including choosing a name. Even though most think that we are not telling the truth, we really have not picked out a baby name yet.

On that note, we spent the past weekend in Rochester and Buffalo, so we did nothing on the house, but we got to see many friends and family. Thursday and Friday were spent in Rochester with Grammy and Papa P. We had frozen custard at Abbots, and went to a parade and craft show. Aubrie got to play bubbles and take long walks with Grammy and Barron.
On Friday night we went to the firework at the University at Buffalo with all of our friends from college. We counted and this makes TEN YEARS in a row that we have gone to the fireworks at UB. Crazy, since everyone is married and starting families. Just think, next year there will be at least 6 kids there. I think this year we spent more time watching the girls play. Suddenly they are more interested in hanging out with each other instead of mom and dad. Guess we're not cool any more.

Saturday was spent in Buffalo with Daryl's family. We got breakfast at Exquisite Taste, my favorite coffee house and then Daryl helped his brother at his new house while I went shopping for Buffalo "things." Unfortunately I came up short in my quest for baby Sabres merchandise, but I was able to find a baby Bills onsie and cap. That afternoon we went swimming at Daryl's Aunt's with his cousins and Aubrie got to play with all of her little cousins in the big pool. Jumping into the pool about a thousand times wore Aubrie out, so she stayed at Grammy Lynda's while we got to go out to Chef's for our sixth anniversary.

Sunday we went to Tim Horton's for our Buffalo doughnut fix and then had our friends over for a picnic. Aubrie got to spend more quality time with her buddies, Anna, Morgan and Riley, whom she misses very much. It was quite the busy weekend.
Monday Aubrie had her "All American" pictures done. If we can get the virus problem with our computer fully resolved, I will post the whole set of pictures on our website.