Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Break

This past week was Spring Break in the Capital District. No preschool, no gymnastics, no swimming lessons, no big girl lacrosse for was a very long week! Fortunately the weather was very nice, so we did get to head out to Five Rivers Environmental Center for a picnic and hike with some of Aubrie's preschool friends.

Aubrie and Evan.Looking for turtles.
We put Tyler's swing up in the backyard, which he loves :)
We also continued work on the bathroom renovation.
Before--ugly tiles on the walls and floor and in the shower, awful vanity and counter top, one sink is hard to tell in the picture but yes, the bathtub is dark pink.

Our new vanity with double sinks. We are still waiting for our faucets to arrive...stupid UPS delivered them to the wrong address and they got sent back to California.Our new bathtub has BUBBLES!


Liz said...

SWEET, dark pink tub... :) Much improved!! After seeing the pictures, Anna says, "OK now let's find a picture of ME and Aubrie." She doesn't want to share, I think!

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