Tuesday, May 19, 2009


We have been having a hell of a time with the kids allergies. We spend Saturday at the Strong Children's Hospital in Rochester after Aubrie had an allergic reaction to something in the car. We were traveling to Buffalo for a baby shower and Aubrie woke up from a nap with her right eye swollen shut and the right side of her face puffed up like a balloon. We are not sure what caused the reaction, but a strong dose of Benadryl seemed to help. We head back to the doctor Thrusday for a follow-up.

Tyler seems to be doing better now than when he was getting milk products, but he is not 100% yet either. Apparently babies who have milk protein allergies (which he has) tend to develop an aversion to soy also. We will now be trying Nutramagin which is made specifically for kids with casein allergies. The first feeding did not go so well, but there is hope. Our next option is prescription formula...I do not what to have to go there because it can get rather pricey.

Other than the allergies, Tyler is doing well. He is not in the 3rd percentile for wight at 17 lbs and 33rd for length. He has 4 teeth, all cut in the last week or so and we are working on crawling...mainly backwards.

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